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Not yet sure if a skilled trade is right for you? Need the support to find an apprenticeship and succeed in a career in the construction trades?

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Succeed in the trades – no matter what level you’re at

Trade-specific learning resources, videos, tutors, online lessons and more – for success getting into your apprenticeship, through technical training and on the job.

Video Tutorials

Access thousands of learning videos customized to your trade. Watch short videos that teach the key concepts in your training.

Simple Instructions

Make solving problems easy! Learn how to break complex problems into clear and easy- to-follow steps that you can manage on your own.

Practice Activities

Complete hundreds of interactive practice activities to reinforce and master what you’ve learned.


Know when it’s time to move ahead or when to review a concept and watch a video tutorial.

Gear up for the trades

The Learning Hub is filled with tons of resources to help you get started in a career in the skilled construction trades.
Our online courses have easy-to-follow lessons, interactive activities and video tutorials to help you develop skills in trade math, reading, science and more.

Still finding your path?

Start planning your career in the construction trades by checking out the many diverse professions available! Explore the building trades and learn all about union benefits.

Not sure where to start?

If you’re not sure where to start or you’re still exploring the trades, contact the Support Team. They’re happy to help!

For over 30 years, SkillPlan has worked with thousands of apprentices each year to help them get into and through their apprenticeships. Sign up today and join the thousands of users across Canada who are building their skills with SkillPlan’s Build Your Skills Learning Hub.

About the College of the BC Building Trades

The College of the BC Building Trades offers the most robust trades training programs in the entire province.

The College of the BC Building Trades is an association of training providers affiliated with the construction unions that belong to the BC Building Trades. Our more than a dozen trade-specific schools and connected campuses stand alone in offering wrap-around supports and the best quality training available. We are BC’s most comprehensive college specializing in the Building Trades. Our graduates are always in high demand and will go on to build B.C.’s future skylines and most iconic infrastructure, from the hydroelectric dams and expansive bridges that power and connect communities, to major stadiums and convention centres that host the world on our doorstep.

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