Carpenters bring an architect’s blueprints to life by working with wood, vinyl, plastic and other materials to create the interior and exterior of structures. They can work with construction companies, carpentry contractors and maintenance departments or they can be self-employed.


  • Read blueprints, drawings and sketches
  • Measure, cut and join materials made of wood or wood substitutes
  • Fit and install trim, doors, stairs, moulding & hardware
  • Frame wood residential homes & commercial buildings
  • Assemble and erect formwork & falsework for concrete
  • Renovate and fix a range of structures
  • Install exterior & interior finish materials (e.g., siding, windows, cabinets)

What You’ll Need

Entrance Requirements

High School:
Recommended: English 10 or English language proficiency | Any Math 10 | Science 10

Apprenticeship Program: 4 years, includes 840 in-school training hours, 6,360 on-the-job training hours and exam. B.C. Certificate of Qualification and Red Seal certificate (the interprovincial standard endorsement) awarded after successful completion. As an apprentice, you also earn while you learn.

To potentially qualify for credit to reduce length of apprenticeship term: Completed courses of study or carpentry-related work experience.

Key Skills & Attributes

(technical training and on the job)

  • Strong communication, reading & numeracy, critical thinking & problem-solving
  • Physical fitness & ability to lift up to 25 kilograms
  • Ability to work at heights & in confined spaces
  • Ability to work with a team and independently
  • A safety-conscious attitude

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Hourly Pay

$16.56 – $43.06/hr

Projected Growth


10% over the decade
compared to 2020*

*BuildForce Canada

You have precision and mechanical skills.

You have good balance, physical strength & creativity.

You enjoy working indoors and outdoors.

Did You Know?

B.C.’s leading trade occupation in 2019 was carpenters, representing 40% of the onsite workforce.