What is a Red Seal?

It’s the trades equivalent of a four-year bachelor’s degree!

The Red Seal program is the interprovincial standard of excellence in the skilled trades. It is the highest standard of training in the country.

What Red Seal training provides

Along with excellence in training, the Red Seal is also your ticket to taking advantage of opportunities around the country. It means that you are recognized as having the competence and abilities to work on any job in your trade in Canada without having to go through any further examinations. In an increasingly mobile workplace, the Red Seal is essential for your future.

How to get your Red Seal

An Interprovincial Standards Red Seal can be obtained by:

  1. taking the technical training and getting work experience in a Red Seal trade
  2. graduating from an apprenticeship training program recognized by the Industry Training Authority in B.C.
  3. passing the inter-provincial standards Red Seal exam for that trade
What is a Red Seal?
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